Houdini RBD II - Ground Destruction | Unreal Engine 5.1

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RBD Series is back with Ground Destruction

            In this lesson we will start by designing cracks we will learn how to apply them to geometry easily and we will check how to add custom forces into the RBD system and work with constraints along the way, we will learn how to preserve UVs while working with Rigid Body Dynamics and also the whole bunch of other smaller tips and tricks and we will spend time on optimization once we get a decent sim result we will import our result into Solaris and render it using karma XPU and will check out materialX and how to render it faster

             In the end, we will also learn how to export RBD to Unreal Engine smoothly and we will check out how to light shade and render it in Unreal Engine

Houdini Version 19.5.303

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01. Introduction (59s)

02. Reference Study (2m 42s)


03. Setup (3m 2s)

Cracks and Fracturing

04. Design Crack (6m 18s)

05. Crack Solver (6m 56s)

06. Fracture (8m 39s)


07. RBD Solver (8m 51s)

08. Add Forces A (10m 9s)

09. Add Forces B (8m 11s)

10. Glue Constraint (5m 57s)

11. Soft Constraint (9m 12s)

12. Sim Tweaks (4m 46s)

Add Cracks and UVs

13. Add Cracks A (11m 43s)

14. Add Cracks B (17m 53s)

15. Tweaks (4m 50s)

16. UVs (13m 37s)

Lighting and Rendering

17. Solaris Setup (3m 32s)

18. Lights (1m 59s)

19. MaterialX (5m 42s)

20. Rendering (2m 44s)

Unreal Engine 5.1

21. Export to UE (5m 54s)

22. Import Into UE (4m 33s)

23. Lights & Materials (4m 30s)

24. Sequence Rendering (7m 47s)

25. Export to Maya (4m 15s)


26. Conclusion (1m 21s)

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Houdini RBD II - Ground Destruction | Unreal Engine 5.1

5 ratings
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